Taking Care Of Your Self When Training Your Dog

Hi there and welcome to another post from me, James…

This is going to little different to my other articles on here as they are all looking after your pets and animals.

This one on the other hand is something my wife has encounter over the years of spending time in the hot sun, not being covered up and of course only starts to show once we start to show some age.

Yep you guessed it sun spots.

Every single day we live in the outdoors.

Every single day that the sun shines down on our unprotected skin is causing damage. You see she is like me and loves training dogs too.

We spend a lot of time and money on our pets to give them the best we can do and in all of that we neglect our own needs of protection.

This has happened to my wife Sonya. After all the years living and working in the sun, she is starting to get skin damage on the arms and face area.

Age and sun spots are rearing there ugly heads and trust me, she has tried just about everything possible to cover and lighten them up.

Now for a lot of you this probably doesn’t sound to bad but if you are female, from what I have witnessed and seen its nearly the frigging end of the world. Well according to Sonya it is.


So I am going to give you a run down on after countless dollars spent and a cupboard full of creams, serums and lotions that she has tried, I am going to tell you which has worked the best for her.

Sonya has always had areas and patches of uneven skin tones on her body and after our last child she developed and term called Melasma.

This too seems to have been the ending of the world according to her but hey we got through it all.

After what felt like days on Google researching to help and find something that actually worked for her I cam across and Facebook group where others were taking about the same thing.

I read all the posts on there talking about different skin creams. Some where even talking about home remedies.

We have tried many home remedies too. Don’t get me wrong they work but it’s not long lasting.

What did keep popping up all the time as I continued reading the posts  was a product called Meladerm Skin Cream.

I chimed in on one of the posts and asked what was this Meladerm stuff they talking about. I explained to the ladies what Sonya has and some of the signs so they know.

One lady said that its a skin lightening cream that is used for age and sun sports as well. She shared the link to a review on it. You can read the review here www.bestskinwhitenercream.com<<

After reading it and other reviews on it, it all started to make sense.

That night when Sonya got home I showed her what I came across through the day and even she was excited about.

We ordered a bottle to see how it goes and well, all I can say after 3 months of use, you wouldn’t even know she had had any.

Now this may work for you, the same way it worked for my darling wife I’m not sure.

I do know that if you have tried everything else and still not seeing the results you want, maybe its time to give Meladerm Skin Cream a run.

I hope this has helped a few of you out and let me know your success or failure below in a comment.

All the best



Dogs and GPS Basics

In this post I am going to tell you a little about GPS systems for your dog.

If your anything like me, one of my biggest fears is coming home to find my best mate gone.

Escaped out and lost in the big wide world.

You know your little buddy will fill your life with joy, but they don’t always make good decisions.

It is far to easy for them to accidentally get away from you.

Not a lot of dogs can manage to find their way home once they’ve enter the world outside of their comfort zone.

If you really love your dog and she has an attendance to go walk about and want to find her again you should take a serious look and invest in a GPS tracking device.

This technology was first developed by the military as a means of creating tactical plans during combat situations.

A system of satellites receive the signal emitted by the activated tracker and then report the location of said signal back to base.

This great technology has now made its way onto the market so people like you and me can have access to it too.

This same technology that works to help you find your way around town can be used to track down any of your dog if she runs off or worse, taken from  the yard.

It will essentially work just like lo jack. If they run off you can contact the company and activate the little marker.

You can have a tracker placed in their collar or your veterinarian can inject a little tracker under their skin during an examination.

It’s usually quick cost effective as well, especially considering the pain of losing your og and explaining that to the kids later on.

This is just a start into the world of GPS for dogs.

If you know your dog loves to get out and run when does and don’t want to spend all afternoon driving around searching you should at least look at your GPS options.

Parvo Symptoms In Dogs – Here’s What To Look For…

Spotting the Parvo Virus in Your Dog

Hi there and welcome, do you know what parvo symptoms in dogs look like or what to watch for?

In this post we’re going to take a look at what to keep eye out for, how your dog reacts if has it and what’s the best thing to do if you think it does.

Parvo Virus is one of the worst things that can hit your dog. It attacks the digestive system and it doesn’t hold back at all. It causes your mate to die from a very slowly painful death of basically starvation.

The best way to protect them is to have them immunized and keep them immunized for this dreadful disease.

It’s not hard to do and once you have immunized all it takes is a booster every year or two.

If you don’t want to spend the money and get it done, below is a bit of an understanding of the symptoms to watch out for.

If your dog has gone off its tucker or not drinking as much as they use to or vomiting a lot get it checked out by your vet.

Also watch out for Diarrhea in dogs as this is often part and parcel with this virus.

Admittedly these are common issues and not meaning that your dog has parvo, but they are likely to have these symptoms but much serious case and you will notice it in the dogs character too.

picture this…

Your dog is thirsty I mean really thirsty like you would be after a mile run or what ever and having your drink bottle there but you can’t drink it. That is sought of how it is with your dog.

He will be as thirsty as fxxx but will refuse to drink. He will probably sook, whimper and cry even while getting more and more thirstier while just hovering over his/hers water bowl.

In the most extreme cases he could even collapse over it.

They can also show similar behavior toward food.

In the same boat she can feel like she’s starving but refuse to eat.

Another thing to watch for out for is confusion. When hit with parvo they also lose their sense of direction even in their own home or yard.

You will also notice that your dog will lose control of its bowel movements and will be pretty watery or/with bloody diarrhea occurring.

If you notice any of these symptoms get your ass and dog to the vet asap. That’s a serious case of “your dogs pretty fxxxed up”.

So if any of that occurs take your beloved mate to the veterinarian as soon as possible for to get looked at and treatment to contain the virus.

A speedy reaction can make all the difference and will prevent you from buying dog urns for your best mate. :)

GPS Options for Your dog

Hey, in this article we’re going to take another look at GPS trackers.

In this post we talked about the latest GPS technology that will now allow you to find out where your lost mate has run off too.

Finding your lost dog is a very serious matter though and you shouldn’t just buy the first company you read about.

You need to really decide what you want out of your company. There are a few more reputable ones that should be at the top of your list though.

Garmin, the company that produces GPS systems for cars, also produces a version to track your dog.

This is called Astro. You will get a lot of bang for your buck with this product.

You will be able to use this one system to track up to ten dogs at a time.

This means you won’t need a different reader for each of your devices.

The tracker itself comes in the form of a collar that you put around your pets neck.

The collar will send a signal back to the receiver every five seconds.

It can pinpoint their exact location through this method and it can actually estimate their activity at the time.

This makes it much easier to tell if you’re chasing a running dog or if they’ve picked a nice cool spot to rest.

Another option is the Global Pet Finder.

It works as a GPS collar device. This can work alongside your choice of mobile device by sending alerts about their recent movements.

This one can also set up a system of virtual walls that instantly turn on the full system to report this.

The device can even use a built in thermometer to tell whether they are too cold or too hot at their current location.

The best part may be that you just have to dial “FOUND” on your mobile device to activate the system.

This means you can be away from your home when you activate it. If they run away during a trip or a walk you can instantly track them down with the use of your phone.

You certainly have a few good alternatives when it comes to GPS devices for your pets.

These two should certainly be first and foremost during your consideration though. You don’t want to be cheap when your pet’s happiness is at stake. ;)

Check out the video below on the top 5 best trackers


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3 Things To Look For In Dog Insurance

This article is about dog insurance and 3 things to look for when purchasing your mutts policy.

Dogs are just like us, when we’re feeling good all is well and no need to worry about medical bills or hospitals.


When the time comes and just like you or me and we need to go see a doctor, that’s when the fun stops.

It is easy to forget that some day your dog may need treatment for accidents or illness too.

With the ever increase of rates for vet doctors can charge these days insurance make perfect sense.

The cost of many standard treatments are high enough, but the vet bills incurred as a result of major surgery or an ongoing illness can be staggering.

we can spend a lot of money on our dogs, feeding, grooming, toys and that is just a tip. Some folks who show and shine their dogs spends thousands and thousands of dollars on special grooming kits.

Now I guess it does depends on the person and the dog, but dog insurance is very often neglected until the time comes when it’s needed.

Some people see paying monthly premiums a waste of money, especially if their dog is young and healthy, but whatever age your dogs are insurance can be a sensible investment for the future.

Pet insurance does not just cover accident or illness. It can also cover for Third party liability, if your pet causes injury or damage either directly (such as biting) or indirectly (such as causing an accident you can be covered depending on your policy states.

In either of these cases you could be liable to be sued, and therefore it is important to have some sort of cover in place.

Pet insurance can often cover you if you are sick and you can’t look after your pet for some reason. Ideal for the elderly, or single you can place you pet in a cattery/kennel to be cared for while you are being cared for too.

That takes the worry and stress out of that part too.

Pet Insurance provides piece of mind and many good, comprehensive policies are available for around $15 to $100 a month.

Make sure you shop around so that you can find the type of policy that suits your situation best.

Hopefully you will never need to use your pet insurance, but if you do, you will be secure in the knowledge that you can provide your pets with the level of care and medical attention they need.


Dog or pet insurance can be cheap or expensive as you want it to be. Just like when we take our own policies out.

If you want the best cover for your pooch be prepared to fork over high premiums too.

To get an idea on the costs for dog insurance you can click here to get a free insurance quote

Pregnant Dog – Signs and Symptoms

Pregnant Dog – Signs and Symptoms

If your dog has not been spayed, then even if you are not intending to breed her, sometimes breeding can take place without you realising, so it is important that you know the various dog pregnancy symptoms.

Female dogs, known as bitches, can only become pregnant when they are going through their heat cycle, which normally last about 60 days so you should take extra care to keep her confined during this time, and separate her from any male dogs you also own.

However it is impossible to watch over dogs in heat every moment of the day so keep an eye out for some of the following signs, which can indicate if conception has taken place.

  • Decreased appetite and activity – these are early signs that your bitch may be pregnant, as the pregnancy hormones initially suppress appetite and energy levels.
  • Nipple growth – any changes in your bitches nipples, (which should normally feel fairly flat), are another early sign of conception, and as the pregnancy develops the breasts will increase slightly in preparation for suckling.
  • Behavioural changes – pregnant bitches can often display different behavioural patterns, either becoming more affectionate or else withdrawing from attention and spending more time alone.
  • Weight gain – as the pregnancy progresses appetitive will increase and you will see some noticeable weight gain, especially around the abdomen. This will become very obvious in the later stages of the pregnancy if your bitch is carrying an average sized litter (especially in the smaller breeds), but if she is only carrying one or two pups then it might not be so noticeable.
  • Puppy movement – also in the later stages of the pregnancy you will be able to see and feel the puppies moving around as they get into a birthing position.
  • Milk production – this will begin in the later stages and often leak a little from the nipples as the delivery date gets nearer.

If your bitch is pregnant then she may also display some obvious signs that the birth is imminent, such as nesting where she will prepare the area she has chosen to delivery by tearing or scrunching up paper and blankets, and also a general restlessness.

A more scientific method is that her temperature will drop down from 101-102 degrees Fahrenheit to around 97-99 degrees.

You should start taking your bitches temperature after the 58th day of gestation, to ensure you have an accurate idea of her normal temperature so that you can judge when this has dropped for the birth. :)

If you like please share with others who care and may find this post informal.

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What To Look For When Choosing a Veterinarian For Your Dog

Hi there, in this article is about choosing the right vet to take care of your best mate. You will find out a few questions in what to ask to see if there a good fit for you and your dog.

Things like do they have onsite hospital and do they do call outs after hours, pricing things like that. If that is what you are after to find out than keep reading…

Thanks to advancing veterinary technology, our pets are living longer than ever.

A combination of pet meds for dogs and cats, advanced treatment for serious illnesses and an emphasis on preventative care are all responsible for more years with our faithful furry companions.

For this reason, it’s smart to take care in choosing the right veterinarian for your pet couple up with the right pet insurance.

It’s best to choose a veterinarian before your pet becomes ill or injured, this way you’ll feel prepared if an emergency situation does occur.

One of the best ways to find a veterinarian is through a referral.

Friends and family with pets are a great resource for info about local veterinarians.

You can trust them be give honest feedback about vets in your area- both positive and negative.

It’s also a good idea to a little bit of research on the internet to see what others have been saying about a vet’s office you’re considering.

Once you’ve found a veterinarian you feel might be a good fit, pay them a visit.

Come prepared with a list of questions about their services.

You may need to visit several vets before finding one that fits the needs of both you and your pet.

Below are some questions to consider when selecting a veterinarian:

•What are their office hours? Are they compatible with your work schedule?

•Do they have after-hours emergency care or do they refer clients to emergency clinics?

•Do you feel comfortable talking to the veterinarian? To the technicians?

•How well does the staff interact with your pet?

•What methods of payment are accepted?

•If you have pet insurance, does the practice accept insurance policies?

•Is the building itself clean?

•Are there any non-medical services available (boarding, grooming, etc.)?

Pets are cherished members of the family and proper veterinary care is crucial in keeping them healthy and happy.

By putting in a little bit of time and effort, you can find the perfect doctor for your doggy or feline friend.

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3 Words You Need To Know When Training Your Puppy

How to train your puppy

Are you thinking of getting a puppy? In this post you will learn a few tips and tricks to train a puppy right from the gecko.

A new puppy arrival to the family is always an exciting time for anybody.

Your cute little puppy will automatically be flooded with attention and will never feel lonely.

Eventually though, you will come to realise that it takes more than care and attention to truly look after your puppy and make sure it matures into a well-adjusted and trusted member of your family and your society.

The last thing I’m sure any owner wants is for their puppy to be put down because they do something harmful to somebody or another animal.

The way you approach your puppy’s training will shape the way your puppy will eventually grow up.

Your puppy is totally reliant on you like a parent and child thusly you need to teach them things that will help them mould their character, temperament and overall behaviour.

Having a set feeding regime is one of the first things that can help your puppy mould into a routine.

Picking the right dog food, although it may seem non-irrelevant in a training respect, can actually really help your puppy in the long run.

A regular regime of puppy food will help your pet grow and give them the right kind of diet.

A human’s diet can affect mood and overall character and it’s no different for a dog. If you can make your own food instead of feeding your puppy/dog commercial junk it will be healthier and lest costs in long run like vet bills.

Most commercial foods are bad with no goodness at all. Its like us living on tin food all our life.

The three words you need to remember when training your puppy are; encourage, praise and rewards (also known as positive reinforcement).

The sooner you start training your puppy the sooner you will see improvements in their behaviour.

Some people, when they first get their puppy are surprised when they bite and chew things, bark or use your house as one big toilet, but that is a puppy and the only way you can fix that is with training.

The first thing most owners want to look at is house training.

Stopping your dog from using your house is a toilet can be tricky sometimes but is the most important thing for your puppy to learn to save you and the dog stress.

Keeping an eye on your dog food and how much water your dog has taken on board can help you estimate when your dog will need to go to the toilet.

Being able to calculate this (around two hours after they have eaten) can help you take your puppy into the garden or somewhere outside and do their business.

Positive reinforcement in this position will help your dog understand that this is where they should do their pooing and weeing.

Social interaction is also key. Introducing your puppy to the sights and sounds of the world is a crucial time.

It helps reinforce the bond you and your animal have, as well as introducing your pet to other dogs and helping them make these connections and interactions that will again further their character.

Taking your dog out regular also offers chances for more training, such as leash and call back command training.

Overall the sooner you begin to train your puppy in the basics, the quicker they can establish themselves as a well-rounded animal.

Too many animals these days are being neglected when it comes to their training and can often pay the ultimate price which causes untold heartache.

All it takes it’s a couple of hours a day to research training methods and put them into practice and you can build an ultimate bond between you are your puppy.

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Find Your Puppies For Sale

Find Your Puppies For Sale

If you are thinking of getting a new puppy, then it is important that you do some research into dog breeds and dog owning, to ensure you pick the right puppy to suit your personality and lifestyle.

Although each dog is individual, many breeds have specific traits and characteristics, so you should jot down what qualities you would like in a dog, and do some research.

For example if you have young children then some breeds of dogs such as Labradors and Golden Retrievers are more patient and good natured, and will put up with all of the ear pulling and extra noise!

You must also think about your lifestyle and how much time you can devote to your dog.

Some dogs get very lonely, and need people around them for most of the day.

If you work long hours and have no one else that can keep your dog company, then you will need to think very carefully about dog ownership.

There are many ways and places of getting a puppy. You can look in the telephone directory for local rescue centers and breeders, but remember puppies will be in high demand in these places so you may have to go on a waiting list.

It is also a good idea to look at the classified advert for puppies sale, and the Internet is a good resource for a huge range of puppy and dog websites, such Puppyspot.com

At puppyspot  you can find a huge range of puppies for sale, from all sorts of breeds and such as poodle and Shih Tzu puppies.

The site provides information on each breed and their general characteristics, so that you can choose the best puppy to suit you and your family.

If the puppies are from registered breeders then you will also be able to view information about their sires and dams, as well as a more in depth analysis of characteristics from their blood line.

There are also free puppies listed under the adoption and shelters section, and adopting a rescued puppy is a great way of helping to shelter and protect vulnerable animals in your area. ;)

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