Eye Care for Your Pet

I think that we all should be able to understand the vast importance of one’s eyesight. Unfortunately, your pets can have serious eye problems that damage or impair their eyesight for the rest of their lives. If you want to ensure that they stay healthy you have to keep a close eye on their eyes. There are many clues that warn you of possible eye problems.

One particular problem comes in the form of eye infection. They can get these in the same way that we can. If something gets stuck on the surface of their eye it will obviously cause irritation, which they’ll try to take care of with scratching and rubbing. This usually just makes the problem worse though. Because of this, you have to keep a close watch on them. If their eyes are producing an off-color discharge then you need to be extra concerned. If it persists over the day you should take them to the vet for a quick and relatively painless check for infection.

The best defense is a good offense though. You will do well to be proactive in protecting their eyes. Letting your dog stick his head out the window on drives just invites dust particles into their eyes. Letting any discharge buildup around their eyes is another surefire way to invite an infection. Do quick personal exams on your pet’s eyes to make sure that they’re free and clear. 😉

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