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GPS Options for Your Pet

pets gps
We talked about the latest GPS technology that will now allow you to find out where your lost pet has run off to in the previous post. Finding a lost pet is a very serious matter though and you shouldn’t just buy the first company you read about. You need to really decide what you want out of your company. There are a few more reputable ones that should be at the top of your list though.
Garmin, the company that produces GPS systems for cars, also produces a version to track your dog. This is called Astro. You will get a lot of bang for your buck with this product. You will be able to use this one system to track up to ten dogs at a time. This means you won’t need a different reader for each of your devices. The tracker itself comes in the form of a collar that you put around your pet’s neck. The collar will send a signal back to the receiver every five seconds. It can pinpoint their exact location through this method and it can actually estimate their activity at the time. This makes it much easier to tell if you’re chasing a running dog or if they’ve picked a nice cool spot to rest.
Another option is the Global Pet Finder. It works as a GPS collar device. This can work alongside your choice of the mobile device by sending alerts about their recent movements. This one can also set up a system of virtual walls that instantly turn on the full system to report this. The device can even use a built-in thermometer to tell whether they are too cold or too hot at their current location. The best part may be that you just have to dial “FOUND” on your mobile device to activate the system. This means you can be away from your home when you activate it. If they run away during a trip or a walk you can instantly track them down with the use of your phone.
You certainly have a few good alternatives when it comes to GPS devices for your pets. These two should certainly be first and foremost for your consideration though. You don’t want to be cheap when your pet’s happiness is at stake. 😉

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