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shih tzu
Shih Tzu is a Chinese term literally meaning Lion Dog, is a mixed breed of designer dogs. It is often called as Chrysanthemum dog because of the flower-like look of its face. The name is according to the Wade Giles system of Romanization and is both singular and plural.

It seems that the Shih Tzus is one of the oldest and smallest of the holy dogs and is being compared to a snow-lion coz of its lion-like look. It also became one of the world’s most beloved pets in England in the early part of this century and later during the time of world war II

It has a small and sturdy build with a height of around 11 inches and weight of around 9 -16 lbs. It has a double layered thick, abundant coat of hairs underlined by a woolen coat and can be found in any color or color combination. The head is somewhat round, has sharp teeth and pendent ears. The eyes are widely set, usually dark, round and large. The legs are straight, muscular and short, the tail is curled and heavily plumed.

The average life spam of Shih Tzu is between 14 to 18 years depending upon the care. The dog is very energetic, lively, have a friendly nature and is ideal for an apartment life. Though some training is required to help build some obedience. Children will love them for sure.

Some of the breed-related health problems include wheeze, atopy, corneal ulcers, eye cataract, renal and vertebral diseases.

Because of the long, dense coat, it requires a little more care than other breeds. Regular pet grooming is often required, or a short haircut eg. pet trim should avoid daily hair care. Is recognized by CKC, FCI AKC, CCR, APRI, ACR and more. You will find lots of Shih Tzu clubs too.

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