Pets and GPS Basics

I’m sure that one of your biggest fears is your furry little friend getting away from you. Your little buddy will fill your life with joy, but they don’t always make good decisions. It is far too easy for them to accidentally get away from you. Few pets can manage to find their way home once they enter another confusing area. If you really want to find your pet again you should plan ahead and invest in a GPS tracking device.
This technology was first developed by the military as a means of creating tactical plans during combat situations. A system of satellites receive the signal emitted by the activated tracker and then report the location of the said signal back to base. This great technology has now made its way into the free market. The same technology that works to help you find your way around town can be used to track down any of your pets if they run off.
It will essentially work just like lo jack. If they run off you can contact the company and activate the little marker. You can have a tracker placed on their collar or your veterinarian can inject a little tracker under their skin during an examination. It is usually quick cost effective as well, especially considering the pain of losing your pet.
This is just a start into the world of GPS for your pets. If your pet even has the slightest chance of getting away you should at least look at your GPS options. 😎

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