Pets Sitter Selection

It is inevitable that you will have to eventually leave your little friend at home for a few days. You will have to take the time to choose a good pet sitter for them if you want your pets to be happy. You would probably do well to see if anyone you know is interested in helping or if they can at least recommend someone. At worst you can always check the yellow pages for a service.
When you are looking you need to see if they are considered to be reliable. They will need to show up at the right times and do what needs to be done. Your pet has a set schedule for happy eating and they also probably have a schedule for when to go outside. You don’t want a sitter to be unreliable and miss a time.
The next you have to look at is whether your pet responds well to the sitter. I know that my picky dogs used to happily run up to our sitter when she came to collect the money. If your pets like the sitter than they are probably treating your pets well while you are gone. You can also judge their performance by how the pets are when you get home. A normal pet should just have basic happiness when you come home. If they’ve been left alone they will probably go crazy greeting you when you come home.
Finally, see if the sitter actually likes your pet. They should be in the business because they genuinely like animals. If they aren’t reporting problems or concerns then they probably don’t have their heart in it. They should at least have some basic comments about the time they spent with your pet.
These are just a few things you have to look out for when finding a sitter. Observing these factors should keep your pets happy while you are away. 🙂

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