pets in cars

Restraint for Pets in Cars

pets in cars
You should take the time to properly secure your pet while driving for several reasons. The first is to protect them in the event of a quick stop or a car accident. Your friend should have the same protection you do. The main reason is to prevent them from causing an accident on their own.
Even the most well behaved can act up during a trip. They can run across the divider and jump into your lap. That’s not much of a problem at a red light but if they do it while you’re merging into another lane on the freeway you may have some serious issues. You need to keep them restrained during drives if you don’t want to risk an accident.
The distraction isn’t the only issue. Dogs and cats can actually cause the accident by messing with the car’s controls. It is common for a small pet to slip behind the brake or step on the gas. This is one sure-fire to cause a serious problem on a busy road. Big dogs can even bump the gear shift into neutral. That’s not something you need to deal with in heavy traffic.
The good news is that there are plenty of options to restrain them. You can use adapters to strap them into your car’s seat belt system or you can look into buying a special divider that will at least keep them in the back seat. Keep an eye out though, as new creations are being made each day to make travel easier for your pets. 🙂

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