Spotting the Parvo Virus in Your Dog

spotting parvo virus
The Parvo Virus is one of the worst illnesses that can strike your beloved family friend. This nasty virus will attack your dog’s digestive system and cause them to die from a very painful breakdown. The best thing you can do is have them properly immunized when possible in order to keep them protected from it. Every owner should understand the symptoms though.

You should be on high alert if your dog is vomiting a lot while also refusing to drink or eat. Diarrhea often accompanies the virus. These are fairly common digestive issues though and not necessarily indicative of the Parvo Virus. They are likely to have a serious case of it when you notice things that are very wrong and out of character for them.

This includes your dog being very thirsty but refusing to drink. They will probably cry and act as though they are thirsty while just hovering over their water bowl. In extreme cases, they may collapse over it. They can also show similar behavior toward food. They can feel like they’re starving but refuse to eat.

You may also sense that they are very confused or lost inside their own home and they will probably lose control over their bowels with watery or bloody diarrhea occurring.

Noticing any of these symptoms means that they have a very serious case nearing emergency status. Take them to the veterinarian as soon as possible for them to receive basic treatment to contain the virus. A speedy reaction can make all the difference and will prevent you from buying dog urns for your loved pets. 🙂

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