summer pets safety

Summer Pet Safety

summer pet safety
Summer is getting ready to go full swing. Now is the time to get ready to shift your behavior into summertime mode. You will have to take extra care to protect your pets during the summer months. Most of these are good ideas for the whole year though.
The first thing to keep in mind is that you can’t leave your pet in the car even for a few minutes. If you take your dog or cat with you anywhere, you need to bring a leash and take them inside. A car can act like an oven and hold in up to 120 degrees of heat in just a few minutes in the sun. This is especially dangerous for dogs. Dogs don’t have sweat glands and can only lose heat through basic panting and light heat transference through their paws. They can suffer from a serious illness if they’re left in the car.
You also need to always have some water available for them. You should keep this in mind for any trip. Your pets can get very thirsty even if they’re inside. You should always give them plenty of water and possibly consider throwing in some ice cubes. You really need to keep them hydrated while they’re outside though. A thirsty dog will also think about drink anything it can find. Summer streets can be full of toxic puddles of antifreeze or even oil. You don’t want them drinking that.
Finally, you need to try and give them an opportunity to get out of the sun. It may sound odd but your pets can get a sunburn just like you. This can cause them to peel and suffer greatly. You should try and keep your pets inside during the sunny times while also applying a bit of sunscreen to their ears, nose, and lips. 🙂

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