Top Tips To Keep Your Pet Fit & Healthy

cutedogWhether you own a cat or a dog, your pet will be a much-loved member of your family. Always there for you and full of love and affection whatever the weather, it’s only right that you care for them as best you can. A vital part of owning a pet is to ensure that he or she is healthy and happy, and there are a number of ways you can do this. Let’s take a look at some top tips to keep your pet fit and healthy…

Exercise is important for any animal, and without it, your pet could be at risk of obesity and a whole host of other ailments, such as heart disease and diabetes. Many pets today are overweight – don’t let yours be one of them! Many people assume that exercising is just for dogs, but cats also need it to remain fit and healthy. If you live in a built-up, urban area, then your feline friend will need adequate room to play indoors.

A healthy diet
A healthy diet is vital for a pet, so feed them a high-quality diet that is high in fiber. It is also important not to overfeed your animal – they may love their food and wolf their dinner down quicker than you can say ‘down boy!’, but you should avoid giving them more to eat. This can make them sick and can lead to obesity, one of the biggest health problems in pets.

Prevent parasites
Parasites such as fleas can plague your pet, causing irritated skin, loss of hair and infection – not at all comfortable for your cat or dog. It is best to protect your pets all year round with regular parasite control. Your pet will thank you when they’re no longer scratching and clawing at their flea-bitten coats! Consult your veterinarian, who can advise you on the best course of treatment for your pet.

Regular exams
Just like humans, animals get sick – sometimes it is obvious they are ill, but other times it may be less so. For example, heart conditions or arthritis often go untreated for some time, leaving your animal in hidden distress for longer than is necessary. Regular trips to the vet can ensure that ailments are caught early and treated successfully.

Teeth cleaning
Humans clean their teeth in order to remain healthy and clean, so why wouldn’t you do the same for your pet? In order for your pet to feel its best, he or she requires regular mouth care. Unfortunately, pets cannot brush their teeth themselves, so it is up to you to ensure that plaque does not build up and that gum disease does not occur.

An adequate supply of fresh water should always be available. Water is an essential nutrient for your pet and staves off dehydration, as well as symptoms such as constipation and extreme lethargy. How much water your pet requires will depend on breed, size and your animal’s activity level. A full bowl that they are unable to capsize is a necessity in any home with pets.

Keep them warm
Many people choose to keep their pets outdoors, but extreme weather such as snow, sleet, and sub-zero temperatures can quickly lead to frostbite and hypothermia. In addition, some health conditions can increase the risk of frostbite in your pet. If you must keep your pet outdoors, take steps to ensure that your furry friend is as warm as possible during the cold winter months.

So there you have it – 7 top tips that can help you to keep your pet fit and healthy. If you love your pet then act now to ensure that you are caring for them the best you can. He or she will give you lots of love and affection and total loyalty in return!

Alex Johnson is a freelance writer and pet lover based in Oxford, writing on behalf of MORE TH>N, which offers animal owners pet insurance cover to enable them to provide the best care for their pet. These are her own thoughts and do not represent the views of MORE TH>N.

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