Taking Care Of Your Self When Training Your Dog

Hi there and welcome to another post from me, James…

This is going to little different to my other articles on here as they are all looking after your pets and animals.

This one on the other hand is something my wife has encounter over the years of spending time in the hot sun, not being covered up and of course only starts to show once we start to show some age.

Yep you guessed it sun spots.

Every single day we live in the outdoors.

Every single day that the sun shines down on our unprotected skin is causing damage. You see she is like me and loves training dogs too.

We spend a lot of time and money on our pets to give them the best we can do and in all of that, we neglect our own needs of protection.

This has happened to my wife Sonya. After all the years living and working in the sun, she is starting to get skin damage on the arms and face area.

Age and sunspots are rearing their ugly heads and trust me, she has tried just about everything possible to cover and lighten them up.

Now for a lot of you, this probably doesn’t sound too bad but if you are female, from what I have witnessed and seen its nearly the frigging end of the world. Well according to Sonya it is.


So I am going to give you a rundown on after countless dollars spent and a cupboard full of creams, serums, and lotions that she has tried, I am going to tell you which has worked the best for her.

Sonya has always had areas and patches of uneven skin tones on her body and after our last child, she developed and a term called Melasma.

This too seems to have been the ending of the world according to her but hey we got through it all.

After what felt like days on Google researching to help and find something that actually worked for her I came across and Facebook group where others were talking about the same thing.

I read all the posts on there talking about different skin creams. Somewhere even talking about home remedies.

We have tried many home remedies too. Don’t get me wrong they work but it’s not long-lasting.

What did keep popping up all the time as I continued reading the posts was a product called Meladerm Skin Cream.

I chimed in on one of the posts and asked what was this Meladerm stuff they talking about. I explained to the ladies what Sonya has and some of the signs so they know.

One lady said that it’s a skin lightening cream that is used for age and sunspots as well. She shared the link to a review on it. You can read the review here www.bestskinwhitenercream.com<<

After reading it and other reviews on it, it all started to make sense.

That night when Sonya got home I showed her what I came across throughout the day and even she was excited about.

We ordered a bottle to see how it goes and well, all I can say after 3 months of use, you wouldn’t even know she had had any.

Now, this may work for you, the same way it worked for my darling wife I’m not sure.

I do know that if you have tried everything else and still not seeing the results you want, maybe its time to give Meladerm Skin Cream a run. You can read a full review here to get the finer details

I hope this has helped a few of you out and let me know your success or failure below in a comment.

All the best



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