Parvo Symptoms In Dogs – Here’s What To Look For…

Spotting the Parvo Virus in Your Dog

Hi there and welcome, do you know what parvo symptoms in dogs look like or what to watch for?

In this post we’re going to take a look at what to keep eye out for, how your dog reacts if has it and what’s the best thing to do if you think it does.

Parvo Virus is one of the worst things that can hit your dog. It attacks the digestive system and it doesn’t hold back at all. It causes your mate to die from a very slowly painful death of basically starvation.

The best way to protect them is to have them immunized and keep them immunized for this dreadful disease.

It’s not hard to do and once you have immunized all it takes is a booster every year or two.

If you don’t want to spend the money and get it done, below is a bit of an understanding of the symptoms to watch out for.

If your dog has gone off its tucker or not drinking as much as they use to or vomiting a lot get it checked out by your vet.

Also watch out for Diarrhea in dogs as this is often part and parcel with this virus.

Admittedly these are common issues and not meaning that your dog has parvo, but they are likely to have these symptoms but much serious case and you will notice it in the dogs character too.

picture this…

Your dog is thirsty I mean really thirsty like you would be after a mile run or what ever and having your drink bottle there but you can’t drink it. That is sought of how it is with your dog.

He will be as thirsty as fxxx but will refuse to drink. He will probably sook, whimper and cry even while getting more and more thirstier while just hovering over his/hers water bowl.

In the most extreme cases he could even collapse over it.

They can also show similar behavior toward food.

In the same boat she can feel like she’s starving but refuse to eat.

Another thing to watch for out for is confusion. When hit with parvo they also lose their sense of direction even in their own home or yard.

You will also notice that your dog will lose control of its bowel movements and will be pretty watery or/with bloody diarrhea occurring.

If you notice any of these symptoms get your ass and dog to the vet asap. That’s a serious case of “your dogs pretty fxxxed up”.

So if any of that occurs take your beloved mate to the veterinarian as soon as possible for to get looked at and treatment to contain the virus.

A speedy reaction can make all the difference and will prevent you from buying dog urns for your best mate. :)

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